Help The PA Peregrine Tracking Study

This year the PA Game Commission will track a few young peregrine falcons using nanotags and MOTUS technology.

Nanotags are very small transmitters that communicate with cell towers using MOTUS technology. The nanotags are so small that even a migrating dragonfly can wear one, shown below. Click here to read how the tags work and see one on a piping plover.

Dragonfly with MOTUS nanotag (screenshot from MOTUS website)

How will they attach the tags?

During the typical banding nest visit peregrine falcon chicks are not old enough to attach the transmitters — they need to have real feathers. Instead, PGC Endangered Species Biologist Patti Barber will attach the tags to healthy grounded fledglings that are rescued and about to be released by PGC Game Wardens.

As always, if you find a fledgling on the ground corral it to a safe zone and call the PGC “rescue” number: 724-238-9523. The Game Warden will contact Patti Barber and, if she’s in the area, she’ll come attach the tiny tracking device. The fledgling will be on its way … and we’ll know where it goes!

(photo of young peregrine by Nancy Weixel in 2011, screenshot of dragonfly from MOTUS website)