Not Afraid to be Seen

Wind-blown Morela on Halloween 2019 (photo by Dr. Alan Juffs)

If your office is high in the Cathedral of Learning you may have seen a peregrine outside your window.

Since early autumn the new female peregrine, Morela, has made herself at home at Pitt, choosing her favorite vantage points even if they have windows nearby.

Above, she perches in the wind outside Dr. Alan Juffs’ window on Halloween.

Below, she dines on pigeon in early November on the south face of the building, photo by Anonymous.

Morela at the southwest dining ledge, week of 4 Nov 2019 (photo contributed by Anonymous)

Morela’s acceptance of human faces in the windows reminds me of her predecessor, Dorothy, who didn’t mind seeing people indoors. I’m sure that quite a few people became peregrine falcon fans when they saw Dorothy outside the window.

Here’s a montage of Dorothy near the windows from 2009 to 2011.

Like Dorothy, Morela is not afraid to be seen.

(photos by Dr. Alan Juffs and Anonymous)