Any Peregrine News? | Outside My Window

Female peregrine at the Westinghouse Bridge, 13 Oct 2019 (photo by Dana Nesiti)

Since last week’s announcement of the new peregrine at the Cathedral of Learning, several of you have asked if there’s any news from Downtown or the other sites in southwestern Pennsylvania. No, there isn’t any news except for this:

Yesterday, 13 October 2019, Dana Nesiti stopped by the Westinghouse Bridge and confirmed that both male and female peregrines are present. Two of his photos are shown here.

Peregrine at the Westinghouse Bridge, 13 Oct 2019 (photo by Dana Nesiti)

Other than that it is very quiet. I stop by the Cathedral of Learning when I can and see the same things over and over: quiet airspace, no peregrines, or peregrines snoozing on the building.

If you see peregrine activity at Pitt or anywhere in southwestern Pennsylvania, please tell me by leaving a comment on my blog (it sends me an email).

If you can’t be here to look for peregrines, rest assured that I will tell you whatever news I have. I would love to write about our peregrines but there isn’t anything to say.

No news really is no news.

(photos by Dana Nesiti)