Birds With Masks | Outside My Window

Female peregrine at Hilliards, GG in 2017 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)

Two years ago my Halloween article, Birds With Masks, listed five masked birds but neglected an important one. Today I’m making up for it.

Here are five photos of peregrine falcons, taken in Ohio by Chad+Chris Saladin, that show off the birds’ malar stripes.

Would you say these peregrines are wearing masks?

Female peregrine falcon, Lady Millar at the Terminal Tower, Cleveland, 2018 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)
Peregrine falcon, McKinley, December 2011 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)
Male peregrine falcon, Tellus in 2018 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)
Looking up from a meal (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)

For more great photos by Chad+Chris Saladin, see C&C’s Ohio Peregrine Page on Facebook.

(photos by Chad+Chris Saladin)