First Egg Hatches at Pitt

First nestling at Cathedral of Learning, 2019 (screenshot from the National Aviary falcon cam)

Hooray! The first egg hatched at the Cathedral of Learning this morning, April 22, at about 9:32a. (And his mother, Hope, did not harm him!)

HAPPY UPDATE, 22 APRIL 2019, 4:30pm:

The first chick hatched successfully and was not harmed. The slideshow below shows the hatchling and his parents on Monday 22 April 2019 from 9:32 to 9:42 am. Here’s a summary of the action:

  • Terzo (father bird) is on the nest at the moment the chick is first visible at 9:32am
  • Hope (mother bird) arrives at 9:38:07 to trade places with Terzo.
  • Hope carries the chick away from the scrape at 9:38:45. She does not harm it. She carries it back to the nest. (This was the only dangerous moment.)
  • Hope prepares to brood the chick at 9:41:56. We can see that the chick is fine.
  • Hope settles on the nest at 9:42:35. The coast is clear for this chick.

When Terzo arrives to trade places with Hope at 12:45pm, we can see the chick standing up, white and fluffy, in the slideshow below.

The first chick hatched without incident. We know from three years’ experience that Hope only kills a chick when it first hatches. Once she begins to brood it, the chick is safe.

There are four more eggs to go, so keep in mind …

Caution! Don’t watch the eggs hatch at the Cathedral of Learning if it upsets you to see a mother kill her young.

I’ll keep you posted.

(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)