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Beauty with two eggs, 2 April 2019 (photo from @Rfalconcam)

In 2007 Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning peregrines, Dorothy and Erie, hatched and raised a young female who settled in Rochester NY in 2009 to raise a family. Her name is Beauty and she’s been in Rochester ever since.

This year Beauty laid two eggs as of 2 April 2019 with a third egg due tomorrow, April 4.
Watch her online at rfalconcam.

Beauty’s life is calm nowadays but seven years ago she survived a nesting season so incredible that it resembled a Peyton Place soap opera. In Rochester NY in 2012 …

  • A male rival fought Beauty’s mate, Archer, until he was too wounded to survive.
  • A rival female peregrine, Unity, beat up Beauty and sent her to rehab for seven weeks. (Beauty didn’t know what we knew: Unity was her niece.)
  • The victorious male peregrine, DotCa, tried bonding with Unity. She laid an egg.
  • Then Unity died in a car accident!
  • Beauty was released from rehab only 50 miles away …
  • … and flew home to her nest where she found …

Whose Egg Is This???

Beauty returns, 6 April 2012 (image from rfalconcam)

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Peregrines lead dramatic lives.