Today’s Walk in Schenley Park

Schenley Park outing, 25 August 2019 (photo by Kate St. John)

25 August 2019:

This morning in Schenley Park we got the hint that summer will come to an end. It was cold enough for long sleeves!

The birds also indicated that the seasons are changing. Some were clearly on the move to their wintering grounds.

Best Birds were four species that I knew were passing through:

  • A female belted kingfisher and …
  • … an immature great-blue heron at Panther Hollow lake (neither breed there).
  • Two blue-gray gnatcatchers that were very hard to see.
  • Three ruby-throated hummingbirds sipping at orange jewelweed and chasing each away from the flowers.

Our complete checklist of 29 species is at this link

p.s. It feels like I’ve missed something. If you were there and see an omission, let me know.